UK Town Generates Electricity From Pedestrians’ Walk

In Telford town of Britain, electricity is generated when people walk on its pavements. The electricity generated from footsteps is being used to power the public mobile charging points provided near the benches by the side of the road.

This first-of-its-kind electricity-generating pavement has been installed at the Station Way section of the town. There are monitors by the side of the pavement that show up the amount of electricity you are generating by walking on the pavement. The pressure put by persons walking on this bouncy pavement is used to generate electricity.

As per the authorities of the urban body of Telford, this innovative pavement is an effort to make epeopel realise the importance of green energy in the future. According to BBC, this electricity-generating pavement has also started to become a tourist destination.

A company named Pavegen has established this new-age electricity-generating pavement with the support of Telford & Wrekin Council. As per the company, they are trying to help fight climate change and get every member of the community involved through the power of footsteps!

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