Failing to Get a Bride UP Man Steals Shivling from Temple

Lucknow: When he could not find a suitable bride even after long prayers, a man in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district stole a Shivling from a temple. Police have arrested the man for this theft.

The Shivling stolen by a man named Chhotu from the Bhairava Baba temple could be located by local police after 10 hours of search. Initial investigation has proved that Chhotu had hidden the Shivling in a bush near the temple.

During interrogation, Chhotu revealed that he was angry with the deity as his long prayers were not heard. Throughout the month of Shravan, he visited the temple daily and prayed long to get a suitable bride.

But even after prayers at the Bhairav Baba temple, his wish to marry a suitable girl could not be fulfilled. So in anger he stole a Shivling from the ancient Bhairava Baba temple and hid it not far away from the temple.

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