G20 Summit Begins with PM Modi’s Address with Country Name Identified as ‘Bharat’

New Delhi: The G20 Summit began in New Delhi on Saturday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s welcome address. PM Modi addressed the meeting with the country name identified as ‘Bharat’. The placard on the table before him also stated Bharat in stead of India.

He highlighted the devastating earthquake that hit the African country Morocco on Friday night saying, “The whole world is with Morocco in this hour of grief, we are ready to provide all possible help.”

According to him, the post-Covid world is suffering from trust deficit, and the war has deepened it further. He said, “We need to fulfill our responsibilities with a human-centric approach.”

Modi reiterated that the idea of ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas, sabka prayas’ can guide the world.

“If we can defeat Covid, we can also triumph over the trust deficit caused by the war,” he said expressing hope that all problems of the world can be solved.

India appeals to the entire world to turn the trust deficit into confidence in each other. It is time for all of us to walk together for global good, the PM said.

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