Israel Bombs South Lebanon Following Hezbollah’s Rocket Attack

Jerusalem: Israeli shelling struck several towns in southern Lebanon on Wednesday in response to a fresh rocket attack by Hezbollah. The violence has now extended into its fourth day.

Hezbollah fired precision missiles at an Israeli position, vowing “decisive” responses to any attacks on Lebanese territory.

Israel responded with an airstrike on a Hezbollah position and military action within Lebanon after an Israeli post near Arab al-Aramshe was targeted with anti-tank fire on Wednesday. Casualty details were not immediately provided.

The recent violence triggers memories of the 2006 war between Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israel. Local Lebanese TV aired images of white smoke rising from wooded areas near homes and farmland in Dhayra.

Both Hezbollah and Palestinian group Hamas claimed attacks from Lebanon on Tuesday. Hezbollah targeted an Israeli tank with a guided missile, sharing a video of its destruction, while Hamas launched rockets from Al-Koleilah into Israel. The Lebanese army located the rocket launch platform in Al-Koleilah.

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