Lyricist Pramod Parida Alleges Singer Humane Sagar’s Manager Made Lethal Attack on Him

Cuttack: Lyricist Pramod Parida alleged that Ollywood singer Humane Sagar’s manager and associates made a lethal attack on him in the Badambadi area of Odisha’s Cuttack city on Wednesday.

According to Parida, the singer’s manager and associates abducted him and assaulted him in the latter’s office. He claimed to have suffered serious head injuries.

Parida registered a complaint at the Badambadi police station against Sagar’s manager Dinesh Behera alias Papu and his associates. As per the complaint, Dinesh reached Parida’s house in the Palamandap area in the Badambadi locality on Tuesday afternoon, abused him and threatened him at gunpoint.

According to Parida, they alleged that Parida was defaming Sagar on social media. Parida was allegedly dragged out of his house and was taken on a two-wheeler to a house near Sunshine Field where a group of around seven to eight youths tied up the lyricist and beat him up ruthlessly.

It is alleged that Parida became unconscious after Papu hit his head with an iron rod. Getting back to his senses, Parida found himself naked and his gold chain and watch were missing. Parida further alleged that the youths had made a video of the happening and gave him a death threat if he ever wrote against Sagar on social media, he told media men in Cuttack.

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