Manipur High Court Scraps Earlier Direction to Consider Inclusion of Meiteis in ST List

Imphal: The Manipur High Court has revised its contentious March 27, 2023 order, removing a paragraph that directed the state government to recommend Scheduled Tribe status for the Meitei community. The original directive sparked widespread ethnic clashes, particularly from the Kuki community, leading to violence.

Justice Golmei Gaiphulshillu, leading the bench, cited a “misconception of law” during the initial judgment, emphasizing that petitioners failed to provide adequate assistance during the hearing. The revision was prompted by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the State of Maharashtra vs Milind & Ors case, which prohibits courts from altering the Scheduled Tribe list.

The High Court’s recent judgment, issued on Wednesday, expunged the contentious paragraph, which had instructed expedited consideration for Meitei inclusion in the ST list. The decision follows an appeal granted to tribal organizations last October and a subsequent review petition admitted on January 20, with notices served to both the Centre and the state government for their responses.

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