Cash Seizures Mount as IT Raids Continue at Congress MP’s Premises in Odisha, Jharkhand

Bhubaneswar: Income Tax raids on the properties of Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Dheeraj Sahu in Odisha and Jharkhand have yielded over Rs 200 crore in unaccounted cash. The raids, initiated on December 6, continue to uncover significant sums of money. In the latest update, three additional bags were seized from Sahu’s premises in Ranchi. Meanwhile, nearly 19 money bags were confiscated from the residence of Bunty Sahu, responsible for maintaining liquor factories in the targeted areas of Odisha.

The amount recovered from Bunty Sahu’s house is expected to surpass Rs 20 crore, with the seized money being transported to banks in Sudpara, Odisha’s Balangir. Over 100 officers from the Income Tax Department are deployed in various locations in the Balangir district, actively counting the money. Bhagat Beherea, Regional Manager of the State Bank of India, Balangir, mentioned that 176 money bags were received, and counting efforts are ongoing.

Simultaneously, the Income Tax department’s searches against Odisha-based Boudh Distillery Private Limited and associated entities have led to the recovery of approximately Rs 225 crore in unaccounted cash. The cash was found in various locations, including Bolangir, Sambalpur, Sundargarh in Odisha, Bokaro, Ranchi in Jharkhand, and Kolkata. Three dozen counting machines have been deployed, and the slow-paced counting process is underway.

Former IT commissioner Sarat Chandra Dash suggested that this could be the largest cash seizure by the Income Tax department in Odisha. In response, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the opposition party, stating that the recovered funds should be returned to the people. The ongoing developments indicate a significant crackdown on alleged financial irregularities.

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