Old Parliament Building ‘Samvidhan Sadan’, Official Notification by LS Speaker OM Birla

New Delhi: Old Parliament building is now officially the ‘Samvidhan Sadan’. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla issued an official notification regarding it on Tuesday.

This notification specified that the old Parliament building will now be known as ‘Samvidhan Sadan’ as the sitting members have now shifted to a new complex.

“Lok Sabha Speaker is pleased to notify the building previously known as Parliament House as the Samvidhan Sadan,” read the notification issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on Tuesday.

The Constituent Assembly first met on December 9, 1946, at the Central Hall of the old Parliament and continued sittings till January 24, 1950. The Constitution of Independent India was drafted in the Constitution Hall, later known as the Central Hall of the Parliament House.

This building was used as the Parliament of the country after the Constitution was adopted.

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