Parliament Security Breach; 2 Men Enter Lok Sabha, Open Gas Canisters

New Delhi: Dodging the security, two men managed to enter the Lok Sabha on Wednesday and allegedly opened gas canisters.

These unidentified miscreants jumped into the Well, shouting. They have been taken into custody. One of the persons who jumped into the chamber has been identified as Sagar. The Lok Sabha was adjourned after the security breach and the MPs were rushed out.

Speaking to reporters about the incident, the Leader of Congress in the Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said, “Two young men jumped from the gallery and something was hurled by them from which gas was emitting. They were caught by MPs, they were brought out by security personnel. The House was adjourned till 2 pm. This is certainly a security breach because today we observed the death anniversary of people who sacrificed their lives in 2001.”

Congress MP Karti Chidambaram said “Suddenly two young men around 20 years old jumped into the House from the visitor’s gallery and had canisters in their hand. These canisters were emitting yellow smoke. One of them was attempting to run towards the Speaker’s chair. They were shouting some slogans. The smoke could have been poisonous. This is a serious breach of security especially on 13th December, the day when Parliament was attacked in 2001…”

December 13 is the anniversary of the Parliament attack in 2001 by terrorist groups linked to Pakistan. Nine security personnel were killed in this Parliament attack.

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