Petrol Rs 333.38/Ltr, Diesel Rs 329.18/Ltr in Pakistan After Price Hike

Petrol and Diesel prices reached another all-time high in Pakistan on Friday.

As per an official announcement of Pakistan’s Finance Ministry,

the petrol prices were increased by Pakistani Rupees (PKR) 26.02 per litre and high-speed diesel by PKR 17.34 per litre.

Now petrol costs PKR 333.38 per litre in the economic crisis hit Pakistan while high-speed diesel is being sold at PKR 329.18 per litre.

Two weeks back the petrol and diesel prices crossed PKR 300 for the first time in Pakistan.

Along with it the electricity tariff has also increased substantially in this Islamic nation.

Earlier this month, caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar said citizens would have to pay inflated bills as there is no “second option”.


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