26 Sluice Gates of Hirakud Dam Opened to Release Flood Water

Sambalpur: As more flood water is entering the reservoir because of continuing rains in the upper catchment area of the Mahanadi river, four more sluice gates of the Hiradkud Dam were opened up on Saturday.

Now, floodwater is being evacuated from the reservoir through 26 gates of the Hirakud Dam. Out of them, 16 gates are on the left side of the dam, while 10 are on its right side.

On Friday, the floodwater was being released through 22 gates of the Hirakud Dam.

Hirakud Dam has 64 sluice gates.

By 6 pm on Friday, the water level in the reservoir was 627.91 feet while its water holding capacity is 630 feet.

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