Rahul Gandhi Attacks BJP But Spares BJD in Balangir

Balangir: While addressing ‘Jan Ashirwad Sabha’, an election campaign rally in Balangir on Wednesday, for some reason Congress leader did not attack the ruling BJD in Odisha.

He, however, targeted the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government at the Centre in his address.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that BJP leaders claim that if they win the elections, they will amend the Constitution. “I want to tell every leader and worker of BJP that no power in the world can touch the Constitution,” he said.

He also said, BJP waived off loans of 22 industrialists to the tune of Rs 1600 lakh crore. “The BJP-led government is not working for the people but only for a handful of influential people,” Gandhi said.

He reiterated that the INDI alliance government will be formed on June 4 and a list of poor people including backward classes, minority, labourers and others will be prepared. The list will include people whom the Modi government made poor. Each poor woman from these families will get Rs 1 lakh annually. “They will get first installment of Rs 8500 in July and similar amount in subsequent months. Now this is called Vikas as Congress will make scores of women lakpatis,” Rahul Gandhi said.

During his last public meeting in Odisha’s Salipur, Rahul Gandhi had attacked the BJD government in the State. But in Balangir, he kept the BJD away from his speech.

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