Odisha Govt Rolls Out ‘Mo Booth App’ to Ease Voting Process for Citizens

Bhubaneswar: Odisha government has rolled out the ‘Mo Booth App’ to streamline voting procedures and enhance voter convenience.

The mobile application, now accessible to voters, offers an array of features to smoothen the electoral process.

Key features include providing voters with essential information such as their designated polling station’s name and location, along with real-time queue status updates. This empowers voters to plan their visit effectively.

Led by State Chief Electoral Officer Nikunj Dhal, the initiative aims to provide accessible and relevant information to voters.

Developed by the Khordha District Administration, the app is set to be implemented across all constituencies in the Khordha district.

The app caters to different electoral personnel, offering tailored functionalities for Block Level Officers (BLO) and Sector Officers. BLOs can update real-time queue statistics, ensuring transparent and efficient queue management.

Sector Officers can input and monitor crucial data such as polling party arrival status, mock poll and actual poll progress and polling completion status.

Additionally, they can promptly report emergent issues like law and order concerns and EVM malfunctions, facilitating quick responses during the electoral process.

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