Rockets launchers Used to Attack Hindu Temple in Pakistan

A gang of dacoits used rocket launchers to attack a Hindu temple in the southern Sindh province of Pakistan on Sunday. It was the second attempt of vandalism against Hindu temples in Pakistan in three days.

On Monday morning, the miscreants attacked a small temple and houses of Hindus in the neighbourhood in the Kashmore area of Sindh province.

On Friday, the Mari Mata Temple in Soldier Bazar, Karachi, was bulldozed in police presence. This 150-year-old temple was declared old and dangerous. Instead of renovating it, Pakistan authorities preferred to destroy the temple.

On Sunday, around nine assailants indiscriminately fired upon the temple in Kashmore. The assailants used rocket launchers during the attack. Local police tried to thwart this attack.

Luckily the rocket launchers used by the dacoits failed to detonate.

Recently dacoits active in the Kashmore and Ghotki riverine areas, have started attacking Hindus and their places of worship in retaliation to a love story involving Seema Haider Jakhrani, a Pakistani mother of four children.

Seema left Pakistan to live with a Hindu man in India, whom she met and fell in love with through the online PUBG gaming platform.

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