Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Arrives in Delhi for G20 Summit

New Delhi: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, representing Moscow at the G20 summit has arrived in India, as President Vladimir Putin chose not to attend or provide a video address. This decision comes amidst strained relations between Russia and several G20 member countries due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Lavrov’s ministry issued a statement before his arrival, emphasizing their collaboration with all G20 nations to address global humanitarian and economic challenges beyond the Ukraine conflict. The ministry asserted that the conflict’s origins and ongoing tensions were primarily the result of actions taken by the United States, which have adversely affected European security.

Recent events have escalated tensions, including Russian attacks on Ukrainian grain export hubs and Ukrainian forces targeting Russian naval ports and warships. European Council President Charles Michel, also present at the G20 summit, criticized Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports, labelling it as “scandalous” and demanding its cessation.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who arrived earlier, noted Putin’s absence as a sign of his self-imposed diplomatic isolation, referring to him as the “architect of his own diplomatic exile.”

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