Social Media Fraudster With 2 Wives, 6 Girlfriends, 9 Children, Arrested in Lucknow

Lucknow: A fraudster named Ajeet Maurya (41), who is also a social media influencer, was arrested in Lucknow on charges of running fake ponzi schemes, circulating fake notes and cheating people with fake insurance schemes and several other cases. Interestingly this social media fraudster has two wives, nine children and six girlfriends. He makes reels on social media sites.

Maurya was arrested on Wednesday while he was planning for an overseas trip with one of his wives at a hotel in Lucknow.

The arrested man is a Class 6 dropout. During interrogation by police, he claimed that he resorted to cheating to bear the cost of having two wives, nine children and six girlfriends.

This conman was arrested following a FIR lodged by a man against him at the sarojininagar police station, in which the complainant alleged that he was duped of Rs 3 lakh through the promise of doubling the amount.

Maurya was initially worked as a mason In Mumbai involved in making plaster of paris ceilings. He married one Sangeeta in 2000 and had seven children with her. He returned back to his village in Gonda in 2010 and got involved in thefts.

Later he came in contact with another woman named Sushila and both with help of some others started conning people through fake currency notes and ponzi-like schemes. ,” a senior crime branch personnel said. Ajeet and Sushila married in 2019 and Sushila gave birth to two children, the police said.

It was found that Maurya has constructed two houses, one fro Sangeeta and another for Sushila with his ill gotten money. But he himself lives in a rented house.

He used the money acquired from cheating others to provide his wives a lavish life. Investigation also revealed that Ajeet had six girlfriends, whom he was pleasing with long trips and costly gifts. Ajeet’s social media presence played a key role in his dubious work.


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