Two Sisters Live With Mother’s Corpse for a Year in Varanasi, Taken Into Custody by Police

Varanasi: In a shocking incident, two sisters were found to be living for a year with their mother’s dead body corpse of their mother, in their house in Varanasi’s Madarwa area.

Their mother Usha Devi (52) died on December 8, 2022. This gruesome life of these two girls came to the fore when neighbours girls found that they were not coming out of their house. They informed the girl’s relatives, who discovered the reality and informed the police about the incident.

After entering the house, the police personnel found the two girls sitting beside the decomposed body of their mother.

According to reports, due to financial constraints, these two sisters were unable to perform the funeral and last rites of their mother. So, they decided to live on with the dead body of their mother without informing anyone about her death.

The deceased woman’s husband left home around two years back and did not return even after her death.

The two sisters were Pallavi Tripathi (27) and Vaishvik Tripathi (17). They burnt incense sticks to suppress the foul smell of the decomposing body.

Police seized the body and took both girls into custody for further investigation.

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