Stray Wild Elephant Creates Havoc in Baripada Town

Baripada: A stray wild elephant entered Odisha’s Baripada town late Wednesday night panicking the inhabitants. It roamed in residential areas of Baripada giving sleepless night to the residents.

A team from the Forest Department is trying to shoo away the wild pachyderm into the forest or tranquillize it. As the Forest Department team tried to drive away the elephant, it started to run and enter several lanes in the locality. According to reports the wild elephant was last seen on the premises of MKC High School in Baripada. It broke the school boundary wall to enter the premises.

To avoid anyone getting injured by the wild elephant, local police are making announcements on loudspeakers urging locals to stay indoors.

According to forest officials, this stray elephant is suspected to be part of a herd that came out of the Similipal sanctuary in search of food. This elephant for some reason strayed out of the herd and headed for Baripada town.

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