Threat Call for 26/11 like Attack Demanding Return of Pakistani Woman in India for Her Lover

Mumbai: An unidentified person made a call to Mumbai police, threatening a 26/11-like terror attack if Pakistani woman Seema Haider did not return to her country. This threat call was received on July 12.

The anonymous caller speaking in Urdu said that the Uttar Pradesh government would be responsible for the next terrorist attack like that of 26/11.

Mumbai Police has found that the call was made through a mobile app. The IP address of the caller is being tracked.

The Pakistani woman named in the call is Seema Haider, who has entered India illegally to marry her lover Sachin Meena, of Greater Noida in UP. Both had come in touch through online PUBG game.

The Pakistani woman is 30 years old with four children. Her Indian lover is around 25. Both were arrested by the police in connection with her illegal stay in India. But they were granted bail by a Noida court. Sachin and Seema have urged the government to allow them to get married and stay together in India.

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