Tigresses Wanted for 3 Migrant Tigers in Jharkhand’s Tiger Reserve

Ranchi: The Palamau Tiger Reserve (PTR) in Jharkhand is in extreme need of tigresses if it has to keep the three male migrant tigers that have been spotted there in recent months. According to the 2018 tiger census, the PTR did not have a single tiger. Now three visiting tigers, all male, have been spotted in the PTR. But they will not stay back there unless they find mates within the reserve. The three tigers, now roaming within the core and buffer areas of PTR are migrant males.

The PTR authorities are thinking of approaching the National Tiger Conservation Authority to approve the translocation of tigresses from other reserves.

Tigers are known for moving to distant places in search of suitable habitats, adequate food and desirable mates.

The three migrant tigers must have liked the habitat in Palamau because of adequate food availability. One of those tigers has been staying in PTR since March 2023. The other two have been in PTR for the past two months.

But they will not stay in PTR for long if they don’t find mates.

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