UGC Approves Biannual Admissions for Indian Universities from 2024-25 Academic Session

New Delhi: In a move aligning with global educational practices, Indian universities will now have the option to offer admissions twice a year, according to University Grants Commission (UGC) chief Jagadesh Kumar. Starting from the 2024-25 academic session, admissions will be available in two cycles: July-August and January-February.

“Allowing biannual admissions will benefit many students, including those who miss the initial admission window due to delayed board results, health issues, or personal reasons,” Kumar stated in an interview. He emphasized that this flexibility will help maintain student motivation, as they no longer need to wait a full year for the next admission opportunity.

Moreover, the biannual admission system is expected to enhance employment prospects. Industries will be able to conduct campus recruitment twice a year, thereby improving job opportunities for graduates. Kumar also noted that the new system will help universities manage resources like faculty, labs, and classrooms more efficiently, leading to better operational flow.

Internationally, many universities already follow a biannual admission cycle. Adopting this system will not only improve India’s global competitiveness but also foster international collaborations and student exchanges, Kumar added.

However, the adoption of biannual admissions will not be mandatory. HEIs with the necessary infrastructure and faculty can choose to implement this system. To do so, institutions must amend their regulations accordingly.

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