Use of Weapons During Religious Processions Banned in Bihar

Patna: The use of weapons like swords, spears, firearms, and sticks as well as high-decibel public address systems in religious processions have been banned by the Bihar government to prevent communal tension.

Bihar’s Nitish Kumar government issued an order regarding it to all district magistrates and superintendents of police.

The letter said that carrying weapons during religious processions was banned under the Arms Act except for special circumstances such as Sikh religious ceremonies, during which kirpans are permitted.

“If carrying a sword or any other weapon is necessary due to some particular reason in a religious procession, the person bearing it will have to take permission from the administration,” the official letter of the Bihar government stated.

“Besides, an undertaking from 10 to 25 people – along with their names, addresses and Aadhaar numbers – that they will uphold the law-and-order situation will be taken while allowing every religious procession.”

Any permission for religious processions will include the condition that mikes and public address systems will be used only to control the crowds and that their decibel levels will not under any circumstances go above the permissible limit for that particular area.

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