Woman Files Case Against Arnold Schwarzenegger for Making Her Disabled in Car Crash

Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger faces a new lawsuit by a woman, who claims that she became ‘permanently disabled’ due to a car crash caused by the actor.

On November 15, Cheryl Augustine submitted the legal documents in Los Angeles County Superior, in which she claimed that she was left ‘permanently disabled’ because of an accident at Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue in January 2022. Cheryl alleged that the reckless driving of his Yukon SUV by the actor caused the accident.

Cheryl claims to have suffered ‘injury to her body and nervous system.”

In January 2022, Arnold was driving the Yukon SUV which hit a red Prius. His luxury car rolled and ended up on top of the Prius. But Arnold did not receive any injury in this accident.

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