Delivery boy becomes millionaire

New Delhi: It is difficult to say who will become a millionaire these days. Many such young men and women are making billions of rupees within a short period of time. However, recently a delivery boy has become a millionaire. He saved 66 thousand rupees by doing delivery work. That money has made him a millionaire now. Now he is living in a house worth 4 crores and walking in the lane of 2 crores.

According to reports, the delivery boy has become a millionaire at the age of 28. He invested his years of hard work savings in cryptocurrency. That investment has made him a millionaire today. The name of the said young man is Kaif Bhatti. He is a resident of Best Drayton, London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

After completing his graduation in 2017, Kaif worked as a delivery boy. He used to work almost 14 hours a day. He was depressed about this job and worried about how his life would change. Later he took a big risk in his life. He invested all his savings in crypto. Later he lost 28 lakhs from this investment. After that, he gradually became the owner of 5 crores.

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