Miss Universe Competition to change its 70 year old rule, will be effective from 2023

Mumbai: It is every girl’s dream to be crowned Miss Universe. Many beauty queens of the country participate in the competition to win this crown. But women give up this dream as they grow older. In such a situation, there is good news for women who want to fulfill this dream even after marriage.

Marriage and children are not obstacles for women in beauty pageants. There is no need to despair now. According to the latest reports, Miss Universe 2023 is changing its 70-year-old rules. That is, now married women can also participate in this beauty pageant.

People are very happy with this new change in Miss Universe. Mexico’s Andrea Meza, who won the Miss Universe 2020 crown, also praised the change. Supporting this decision, he said, “I am personally very happy with this decision, earlier only men had the right to such positions, but now it is time to change this rule.”

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