Foxconn to Double Workforce and Investment in India Over Next 12 Months

New Delhi: Foxconn, a major Apple supplier, is planning to significantly expand its operations in India, doubling its workforce and investment within the next year. This move is part of Foxconn’s strategy to diversify its manufacturing away from China.

Foxconn already has an iPhone factory in Tamil Nadu, India, employing around 40,000 workers. The company also plans to invest $600 million in two projects in Karnataka, focused on producing casing components for iPhones and chip-making equipment.

Foxconn’s Chairman, Liu Young-way, is bullish on India’s potential as a manufacturing hub. He has emphasized that the company’s investment in India is just the beginning.

Foxconn’s expansion in India reflects a broader trend among tech manufacturers to reduce their reliance on China as a production base. India has been actively attracting foreign manufacturers, offering incentives and a sizable labour force.

Foxconn’s commitment to invest and create jobs in India underscores its intent to play a more substantial role in the country’s electronics manufacturing sector. This development could significantly impact Apple’s manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, particularly for products like the iPhone.

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