One Lakh rupees for completing The ‘Bahubali Thali’!

Hyderabad: You will eat a full stomach and if you clean the plate, you will get a reward of Rs. 1 Lakh. Sounds a little strange to hear that? But it’s true. A popular restaurant in Hyderabad has launched “Bahubali Thali”. In particular, completing all food in the plate can make you win Rs. 1 Lakh in 30 minutes. The restaurant name is ‘Naidu Gary Kunda Biryani’ while the ‘Bahubali Thali’ will have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

The plate will have a total of more than 30 items. But to get Rs. 1 Lakh, you have to eat all the items within half an hour. “People are appreciating the Bahubali Thali a lot” says the restaurant owner. He also says “we offer 30 items on the plate, including veg and non-veg starters, non-veg biryani, fried rice and cold drinks”.

The main reason behind starting this dish is that there are some people who like to eat special items. Similarly, there are some people who want to taste all the items in the restaurant. The Bahubali Thali is priced at Rs. 1800. So far, more than 3,000 customers have tried to eat it, of which only two have been successful. These two customers have been awarded with Rs. 1 lakh.


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