You may suffer, if you don’t avoid these foods in rainy day

During rainy season, special attention should be paid to food intake; otherwise there will be risk of many infections. Climate change causes food borne illnesses such as fever and jaundice. It is important to stay away from foreign foods and pay attention to your own food. So there are many foods that can be harmful to our health if eaten in rainy season. So let’s continue to what to not eat on rainy days…

Fish: – During rainy season, rivers, ponds etc are filled with fish. The rainy season is the breeding season for fish and shrimp. Because of this, eating seafood on rainy days can be harmful. You can eat fresh fish or chicken, mutton.

Leafy Vegetables: – Eating leafy vegetables on rainy days can be bad for your health. This is because on a rainy day, leafy vegetables usually have worms. And these worms can cause a variety of diseases. Therefore, do not eat leafy vegetables as much as possible.

Stale Food: – Do not eat stale food at all on rainy days. This is because of the high humidity during rainy season. As a result, the rest of the night’s food begins to decompose in four hours, making it worse. Eating it makes the body worse. So eat only hot food on a rainy day.

Oily Food/ Fast Food: – On rainy days, almost everyone loves to eat oily food such as pakodas and all. They make and eat at home, or they buy from outside. But do you know that eating oily foods on a rainy day can lead to stomach problems? Even fine flour, oil spices, and oil-soaked cinnamon are harmful to people with acidity and gas problems. Whole food and high-fat foods are also prohibited, so stay away from such foods as much as possible.

Chat: – Chat is a popular food sold on the street. In the evening, everyone prefers to have a chat. Yogurt and water used in foods such as chutney, velpuri, gupchup etc. are more likely to cause infection. It is best to avoid all these foods at least during the rainy season.

Yogurt and Milk: – Yogurt and milk made food should be eaten very carefully during rainy season. People who coughs are better should stay more careful. Drinking a little turmeric in warm milk during the rainy season is said to be good for the body.

Juice: – Taking juice during rainy season can lead to indigestion. Very often the juice vendors use decayed fruits to make juice which can lead to food poisoning and infection. This can also lead to diarrhea. The moment rainy season starts, eating mangoes should be stopped. Papaya, Orange, banana can be consumed but in a limited amount.


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