Mood swings, sleeping too much can be signs of suicide: Keep an eye on the behavior of people around you; you can save someone’s life

Sometimes the situation can be understood from the changes in behavior, conversation and emotional symptoms of a person thinking about suicide. According to the World’s top psychologists, by monitoring such people, they can be prevented from committing suicide in time.

Justin Baker, clinical director of The Suicide and Trauma Reduction Initiative for Veterans at Ohio State University in US, says there isn’t always a long time between a person contemplating suicide and showing symptoms. Sometimes the distance can be of few minutes. But there may be times when a person is contemplating suicide for a long time. This can be reflected in the behavior, conversation and emotional traits of such a person.

Michael Raske, director and clinical psychologist at Newport Healthcare Centre, says that some people start behaving out of the ordinary when they think about suicide. This includes preparing for suicide. Their interest in guns, poisonous drugs or other deadly means increases. They start searching about them on internet. Abandoning favorite things, more or less military, isolating one are also among its symptoms.

The US agency Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration says that mood swings are another symptom. For example, if someone who is normally stressed or depressed suddenly appears happy, it may mean that he or she has decided to commit suicide, feeling relieved. Too much passion for death or deadly things also shows suicidal tendencies. The risk increases in the case of suffering from mental illnesses.

Raske says that there should be no hesitation in talking about the topic of suicide. We want people to talk about this topic. But it is not right to romanticize suicide to relieve or justify it.

In India, the maximum number of 1.53 lakh people committed suicide in the Covid period, 10% more than previous year. Suicide among girls has increased the most at 21.20%. Around 8 lakh people commit suicide every year in the world.

Raske says that even expressing a desire to commit suicide or death is a warning that should be taken seriously. In this, people will not have any reason to live; there can be things that they can’t tell to others.

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