17 Yrs After Acquiring Indian Citizenship Pakistani Hindu Man Arrested for Spying in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Seventeen years after obtaining Indian citizenship, a Hindu man from Pakistan was arrested in Gujarat on charges of spying.

The arrested person identified as Labhshankar Duryodhan Maheshwari, had come to India in 1999 for fertility treatment of his wife, but stayed back. He became an Indian citizen in 2006 and also ran a successful business.

But recently he was arrested by the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) for his allegedly helping Pakistani agents to acquire sensitive information related to the Indian Army.

Maheshwari facilitated Pakistani agents in acquiring Indian SIM cards. Through these SIM card Pakistani agents compromised the phones of children of Indian defense personnel studying in Army schools.

Maheshwari was arrested on the basis of information provided by the Military Intelligence (MI).

Maheshwari reportedly shared the contact details of Indian defense personnel with a Pakistani agency.

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