4 UP Men Arrested in Berhampur for Faking Disability to Beg

Berhampur: Four persons from Uttar Pradesh were arrested by police in Odisha’s Berhampur for faking disability to beg on the roads.

According to police sources, the arrested persons claimed to be hearing impaired and orthopedically handicapped to attract sympathy of the passers-by.

Police seized cash, a notebook containing details of money collected and crutches from the possession of the arrested men.

The arrested persons are in the age group of 20-32 and have been in this profession for the last six months. Their interrogation revealed that each of them earned around Rs 1,000 per day by begging.

A police patrol became suspicious about two of these

“disabled beggars” and detained them. Investigation revealed that they were. Their other two partners were also arrested later.

Further investigation is going on to find out whether they were involved in any robbery or burglary cases or not.

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