At least 3 Murders Every Hour Across India in 2022, NCRB Report

New Delhi: In 2022, on average 78 murders occurred every hour, according to the latest NCRB data.

According to the NCRB, in 2022, a total of 28,522 FIRs related to murders were registered, which means more than three killings every hour across India. But the number of murders came down in 2022 from 29,272 in 2021 and 29,193 in 2020, according to the latest NCRB data.

The highest number of murders occurred in Uttar Pradesh at 3,491 in 2022 followed by Bihar (2,930), Maharashtra (2,295), Madhya Pradesh (1,978) and Rajasthan (1,834). These top five states accounted for 43.92 per cent of murder cases in the country.

Across India in 2022, the murder rate per one lakh population was highest in Jharkhand (4), followed by Arunachal Pradesh (3.6), Chhattisgarh and Haryana (both 3.4), Assam and Odisha (both 3).

Of the total murder victims, 70 per cent were males, 8,125 were female and nine were third-gender persons.


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