Bihar Man Allegedly Killed By In-Laws After He Objects To Wife Making Instagram Reels

Begusarai (Bihar): In a tragic incident in Bihar’s Begusarai, a man named Maheshwar Kumar Rai was allegedly killed by his wife, Rani Kumari, following a dispute over her obsession with creating Instagram reels on viral songs. The 25-year-old victim, who worked as a labourer in Kolkata, had recently returned home.

The dispute between the couple escalated when Maheshwar objected to his wife’s constant focus on making reels. The argument prompted him to visit his in-law’s house late at night. During this time, an altercation over the phone ensued between Maheshwar and his brother Rudal. Concerned, Rudal contacted the family, leading them to the in-laws’ house where they discovered Maheshwar Rai’s lifeless body.

The victim’s father alleged foul play, asserting that his son was hanged to death due to his objections to the Instagram reel obsession. Upon arrival, the family noted the absence of the woman’s family members from the scene. The police were notified, and the body was sent for a post-mortem examination, with an investigation launched into the matter.

The grieving family further claimed that upon reaching the location, they witnessed four individuals attempting to dispose of the body under the guise of transporting it to a hospital.

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