Hyderabad Businesswoman Arrested for Kidnapping TV Anchor to Marry Him

Hyderabad: A businesswoman was arrested on charges of stalking and later abducting a TV music channel anchor, to marry him.

To monitor the movement of the TV anchor, the arrested woman, who runs a digital marketing business, had allegedly installed a tracking device on the TV anchor’s car.

The accused woman saw the photos of the TV anchor on a matrimony website and started chatting with the account holder two years back. Later she came to know that the account holder was using the TV anchor’s photo as the profile picture on the matrimony site, instead of his own photo.

She then searched for the phone number of the TV anchor and contacted him through an instant messaging app.

The TV anchor told the woman that some unknown person had used his photo and created a fake account on the matrimony site, and he had lodged a complaint in the Cyber Crime police station about it.

But the woman continued to send messages to the anchor, to marry him. When he blocked her number, the businesswoman made a plan to kidnap him. She hired four persons to kidnap the anchor and also installed a tracking device on the victim’s car to keep track of his movements.

On February 11, the TV anchor was kidnapped by the four men hired by the woman. They took the TV anchor to the office of the woman and beat him.

To save his life, the TV anchor agreed to respond to the woman’s calls and then he was freed by the abductors.

He later filed a complaint with Uppal police station, and a case was registered under 363 (kidnapping), 341 (wrongful restraint), 342 (wrongful confinement), and relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the accused woman.

During the investigation, the police arrested the accused woman along with the four men she hired to carry out the kidnapping.

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