Karnataka Constable Strangles Wife Over Suspected Affair

Bengaluru: A 32-year-old police constable, Kishore D, strangled his 24-year-old wife, Prathiba, at her parents’ home in Hoskote, Karnataka, on Monday. The couple had a newborn baby just 11 days before the incident.

Kishore suspected Prathiba of having an affair and made 150 unanswered calls to her before killing her. He had also been scrutinizing Prathiba’s messages and call records, particularly regarding her male college friends.

On the day of the murder, Kishore arrived at Prathiba’s parents’ home and consumed insecticide before locking himself in a room with Prathiba and their newborn. He then strangled Prathiba with a dupatta.

Kishore’s mother-in-law grew suspicious and knocked on the door, but received no response for nearly 15 minutes. When Kishore eventually emerged, he confessed to the crime and fled the scene. He is currently in critical condition at a hospital and will be taken into custody by the authorities once discharged.

This tragic incident highlights the importance of addressing relationship issues through non-violent means and seeking help when needed.

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