Rape Survivor Killed in Broad-Day-Light by Her Accused & His Brother in UP

Lucknow: A rape survivor in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi was murdered in broad-day-light by her accused and his brother. Both murder accused were released on bail a few days back. They were identified as Ashok Nishad and his brother Pawan Nishad. Both have absconded after committing the murder.

According to police sources, the rape victim had filed a rape case against Pawan three years back. At that time she was a minor and the accused were booked under the POCSO Act.

Pawan’s brother Ashok is accused in another murder case. After Ashok got out of jail on bail two days back, both brothers tried to force the family of the victim to withdraw the rape case against Pawan.

When she refused to withdraw the rape case, the brothers hacked her to death with an axe.

Uttar Pradesh Congress slammed the law and order situation in the state citing this incident. “In Kaushambi, two brutes publicly killed a girl by cutting her with an axe. One of these criminals had come out on bail just two days ago in a murder case. The other one was accused of raping the same deceased girl.

The criminals in UP are so fearless that they have no fear of any law. No respect.

Here the daughters are so unsafe that if they raise their voice about their stolen honour, they may even have to lose their lives,” the UP Congress wrote on X.

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