Killer Chinese Manjha Kills Man Slitting His Throat in Rajasthan

Jaipur: The menace of deadly Chinese manjha has again come to the fore, while the country is getting prepared for the kite flying season. A man died when a Chinese manjha slit his neck in Rajasthan’s Barmer on Monday.

The victim was riding a bike and his neck vein was cut by a Chinese manjha. He died during treatment at a hospital. Chinese manjha is made of nylon thread is so sharp that it can cut through human flesh. It is also known as mono kite or nylon manjha and is available at a low price in the market.

At least six persons including three children died in January this year when their necks were slit by kite strings during the Uttarayan festival in Gujarat.

Similar accidents because of manjha thread use during kite flying also occur in Odisha.

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