‘Sir, my wife beats me every day, save me…’ the police laughed

A surprising case has come to light from Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh. Hearing this, the police were also stunned. During the public hearing, a man reached the police station with his complaint and said “Sahab, my wife abuses me every day and beats me with a stick. She will beat me to death. Save me for God’s sack”. Hearing this, all the policemen present on the spot were surprised.

The victim told the police in his complaint that his wife does not listen to him and disputes over small things every day. For the past several days, she has started living separately from home. When I oppose something she beats me up. I am very upset by her attitude. Please help me to deal with this problem.

On this matter, the woman says that a broker is conspiring to sell the village land by seducing her husband. When she tries to stop this, he gets angry at her. Now together with the broker, he has filed a false complaint against her in the police station. The broker has a hand in breaking the family.

On the complaint of the victim, Sinduria SHO Ramkrishna Yadav assured the victim of action. The SHO told that counseling of the husband and wife will be done through the Family Counseling Center.


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