Preparation to go to Moon and Mars by train: Japan will run trains to other planets; facilities like Earth will be available on Moon and Mars

Japan is going to create an Earth-like habitable environment on the Moon and Mars. Along with this, inter-planetary trains are also going to run to connect Earth, Moon and Mars. It sounds weird, but it’s true. For this project, researchers from Kyoto University in Japan have collaborated with Kajima Construction Company.

The team announced plans to develop a ‘glass’ habitat structure with an Earth-like feature to prevent weakening of the human musculoskeletal system in zero and low gravity environments. Glass will also have an Earth-like environment and gravitational forces. This would make it easier to live in space. Under this plan, it will take about 30 years to prototype glass and inter-planetary trains.

Kyoto University and Kajima Construction Company together aim to create a habitable structure in space. The name of this conical structure is ‘Glass’. Artificial gravity, transport system, plants and water will also be available inside the glass. The goal is to make all the facilities on Earth in space. This structure will be called ‘Lunaglass’ on the Moon and ‘Marsglass’ on Mars.

It is an inverted cone that will rotate to form a centrifugal bridge, mimicking the effect of Earth’s real gravitation and producing Earth-like gravitation. The height of this glass will be about 1300 feet and the radius will be 328 feet. It will take about 100 years for it to start.

The team will also work on building an interplanetary transportation system. This will be called ‘HexTrack’. This vehicle will create gravity like the Earth’s surface while traveling long distances. Human beings have to face many types of problems while traveling in low gravity. The trains will also have hexagonal shaped capsules called ‘hexacapsules’ and a moving device in the middle.

Two types of capsules will be made, one for going from Earth to the Moon and the other for going from Earth to Mars. The radius of the lunar capsule will be 15 meters, while the radius of the capsule going to Mars will be 30 meters. This capsule will maintain 1G gravity during the journey.

The station on the Moon will use the Gateway satellite and will be known as Moon Station, while the railway station on Mars will be called Mars Station. It will be located on the Mars satellite Phobos. According to the Human Space Science Center, the Earth station will be called Terra Station.



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