Pepsico will set up 4 plants in Uttar Pradesh: so many people will get job opportunities!


Uttar Pradesh: Yogi Government has been able to invest in Amethi, Prayagraj, Chittrakut, and Gorakhpur through its investment promotion agency ‘Invest UP’ by joining industrial development in Purvanchal and Bundelkhand regions of Uttar Pradesh. Varun Beverages Ltd, the pan-India franchise of multinational company Pepsico, has been set up in the mega project category to manufacture carbonated soft drinks, fruit or juice-based beverages in Amethi, Prayagraj, and Chittrakut besides Gorakhpur.

The land has been allotted through a fast-track mode for setting up the units. However, the company has proposed to invest a total of Rs 3,740 crore in these 4 plants. About 6,000 people can be directly employed after the project or company starts. Apart from this, employment opportunities will be created indirectly for thousands of other people, which can solve the unemployment problem in the country to some extent.

Chief Executive Officer of Invest UP, Abhishek Prakash informed that under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the direction of Industrial Development Minister Nanda Gopal Gupta Nandi, the policy of promoting fast-track land allocation,n and mega projects have been confirmed in the state. Similarly, giving details of the upcoming project, Additional Chief Executive Officer Nabash Kumar informed that 45 acres of land have been allotted to Varun Beverage Limited at Narkhta village of Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority area through fast track mode. However, the company has discussed the potential employment opportunities for about 1,500 people in the plant with an investment of Rs. 1,071.28 crores for the plant to be constructed here.

Apart from this, land has also been allotted in Chittrakut, Amethi, and Prayagraj. Varun Beverages Ltd. has proposed to invest Rs 496.57 crore to build a plant in Chittrakut’s Burger Industrial Area along with 68.6 acres of land, which is estimated to provide employment opportunities to around 1,000 people. The company has been allotted about 24.7 acres of land in Saraswati Hi-Tech City, Naini, Prayagraj. That is why the investor has proposed to set up a factory here with an investment of Rs 1052.57 crore, which is likely to create employment opportunities for 1,005 people. However, 26.1 acres of land have also been allotted in the Trisundi Industrial Area of ​​Amethi, where the proposed investment is Rs.1119.59 crore and is likely to employ 1650 people. Additional land will be allocated for setting up the said carbonated soft drinks and fruit-based drinks factories respectively.

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