Akshay Kumar to Buy the House Where His Parents Lived on Rent of Rs 500

Mumbai: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar will soon buy the house in Mumbai where he spent his childhood along with his parents.

In an interview with a YouTube channel, the actor spoke about his childhood in Mumbai and said that he plans to buy his former rented home.

The actor said, “I just feel happy to go there. I like revisiting my old house. We used to pay Rs 500 for our rented house. I came to know that the building is being renovated. I have told them that I want to buy the third floor. We used to live there. A two-bedroom flat is under-construction right now. So, I said to them that I am interested in buying it.”

Remembering his childhood, he said, “We don’t have anybody there but I just want to keep that flat. I still remember me and my sister waiting for Daddy to return when he used to do 9-6 job. So, the visual is still there. There was a Guava tree and we used to pluck the fruits. I still go there every month and bring some guavas and flowers. I honestly want to be in touch with that. That is where I come from.”

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