Fans Dancing at Taylor Swift Concert Generate Tremors Equivalent to 2.3 Magnitude Earthquake

Seattle: Last weekend, Taylor Swift fans at her Seattle concert danced so vigorously that it caused tremors resembling an earthquake. Geology professor Jackie Caplan-Auerbach from Western Washington University dubbed this phenomenon the “Swift shake,” noting that the seismic activity was equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. Interestingly, a similar occurrence was recorded during an NFC Wild Card game in 2011, known as the “Beast Quake” when Seattle Seahawk fans celebrated a remarkable touchdown by Marshawn Lynch against the New Orleans Saints.

Upon analyzing the data from both events, Professor Caplan-Auerbach found that the tremor patterns were almost identical. However, the shaking caused by the Swifties was twice as strong as the Beast Quake. One significant difference was the duration of the tremors. The cheering and excitement during a football game typically subside after a few seconds, while concerts, like Taylor Swift’s, can generate continuous energy through the music and dancing, leading to prolonged shaking.

Taylor Swift expressed her gratitude to her fans for their enthusiastic support during the Eras Tour concert held at the Lumen Field stadium on July 22 and 23. She described the weekend as one of her favourites ever, thanking her fans for their cheering, screaming, jumping, dancing, and singing at the top of their lungs.


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