Afghanistan Earthquakes: Death Toll Crosses 2,000, Rescue Efforts Underway

Kabul: The death toll resulting from a series of earthquakes in remote western Afghanistan has risen significantly, with government officials reporting “more than 2,000” casualties. Bilal Karimi, a government spokesperson, provided this grim update following a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck Herat province on Saturday, accompanied by a series of powerful aftershocks.

Rescue efforts have been frantic as teams tirelessly search for survivors amidst the wreckage left by the earthquake. The disaster struck areas located approximately 30 kilometres (19 miles) northwest of Herat’s provincial capital. It led to the collapse of numerous rural homes and prompted fearful city residents to flood the streets in panic.

The National Disaster Authority has expressed concern that the death toll could continue to rise significantly in the coming days.

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