WATCH: Elvish Yadav Slaps Man at Restaurant, Defends Actions in Audio Statement

Popular YouTuber and ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ winner Elvish Yadav was caught in a physical altercation at a restaurant in Jaipur, as captured in a viral video. The footage depicts Yadav slapping a man before exiting the establishment. However, upon the man’s attempt to retaliate, Yadav’s friends intervened, preventing further escalation.

Yadav, known for his substantial online following, later released an audio statement justifying his actions, citing verbal abuse as the trigger for his response. In the statement, Yadav expressed his reluctance towards confrontation but asserted that he doesn’t tolerate personal insults.

Despite the presence of police and commandos at the scene, no formal complaint has been lodged against Yadav. The incident occurred during Yadav’s visit to Jaipur for an event at JLN Marg on February 11.

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