Odisha to Host India’s Largest Environmental Film Festival From Tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: Odisha is set to host India’s largest environmental film festival, the All Living Things Environmental Film Festival (ALT EFF), from December 2 to 4. The festival will be held at the Gram Vikas Mahendra Tanaya Ashram School in Koinpur, Rayagada district, on December 2 (2-5 pm) and at the Gram Vikas Mohuda campus near Berhampur on December 4 (11 am to 6 pm). Entry will be free, and the event is a collaboration between Gram Vikas and ALT-EEF, showcasing documentaries and short films focused on environmental issues.

Eternal Sunshine Productions, led by actress Alia Bhatt, has joined forces with ALT EFF 2023 to leverage the power of cinema for environmental discussions. The festival’s fourth installment, spanning 20 cities from December 1 to 10, features a curated selection of films addressing pressing environmental challenges, aiming to engage diverse audiences, foster dialogue, and raise awareness.

The festival will screen six short films in Koinpur and seven films (two features and five shorts) in Mohuda. Among the featured films are “Between the Rains,” portraying the impact of a changing climate on pastoral communities, and “Patrick and the Whales,” delving into a man’s two-decade quest to understand and connect with whales.

Short films include “Wild Hope: Coffee For Water,” highlighting efforts to restore Mozambique’s Mount Gorongosa through shade-grown coffee, and “The Mangrove Family,” portraying a Kerala family’s dedication to preserving mangroves for environmental protection.

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