China H9N2 Outbreak: Centre Closely Monitoring Situation, India at Low Risk

New Delhi: The Union Health Ministry affirmed on Friday its meticulous monitoring of the reported outbreak of H9N2 (Avian influenza virus) cases and respiratory illness clusters in children in northern China.

The ministry assured that India faces a minimal risk from both the avian influenza cases in China and the respiratory illness clusters. Emphasizing the country’s preparedness for any health emergency, the ministry underscored India’s adoption of a One Health approach to address public health concerns holistically.

Prompted by a human case of H9N2 reported in China in October 2023, the Directorate General of Health Services recently convened a meeting to deliberate on preparedness measures against Avian Influenza cases. The World Health Organization’s overall risk assessment indicates a low likelihood of human-to-human transmission and a low case fatality rate for H9N2.

The ministry emphasized the importance of bolstering surveillance in human, animal husbandry, and wildlife sectors, coupled with enhanced coordination.

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