Over 100 Maggots Found Living in Nose of Woman in Thailand

Over 100 maggots living in the nostrils of a 59-year-old woman were taken out by a medical team in Thailand.

The woman was suffering stuffy nose, facial pain and later on also developed a nosebleed.

At the Nakornping Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, endoscopic examination revealed that hundreds of maggots were living inside her nostrils, the Mirror reported.

After the removal of the maggots, the woman’s condition reportedly improved dramatically.

According to medical experts, if untreated, the larvae could have migrated to nearby organs like the eyes or brain, leading to serious complications or even death.

In a post on Facebook, the Nakornping Hospital wrote, “Stuffed nose and nosebleeds for 1 week, thought it was because of PM 2.5 dust. Endoscopy found many worms in the nasal cavity. A 59-year-old woman had a stuffy nose and facial pain. She was being treated for sinusitis. Until I had a nosebleed and maggots crawling out of my nose, I decided to come to Nakornping Hospital.”

The caption further read, “Dr Pateemon Thanachaikhan, an otolaryngologist at Nakornping Hospital, examined the x-ray and found that the left zygomatic sinus had a white blemish. Endoscopy found more than 100 worms in both nasal cavities, so the worms were removed with forceps. The patient is now safe.”

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