150 Million Yr Old Dinosaur Skeleton on Sell in Paris

A dinosaur dating back 150 million years will be auctioned in Paris on October 20, 2023.

This dinosaur skeleton named Barry is expected to be sold at around 8,00,000-12,00,000 Euros.

This is the skeleton of an adult Camptosauridae, a subfamily of the Iguanodontidae, one of the first dinosaur species to be found. The discovery of Barry answers many questions about dinosaurs.

Barry’s remains were unearthed in the Morrison Formation of Wyoming, USA in the early 2000s. A renowned American neuroscientist and astrophysicist kept it in her Colorado residence for more than two decades. In 2022 an Italian company Zoic acquired Barry.

The dinosaur skeleton Barry is around five metres long and two metres high.

In April 2023, the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex managed to haul in 5.5 million Swiss francs at an auction in Zurich. It was 65 to 67 million years old.

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