Bed not needed to sleep anymore: this Japanese invention will surprise you

New Delhi: You will no longer need a bed to sleep. While people are using different technologies to create different things, furniture, napkins and other bedding have been created. Japan has created this nap box, which can be a good advantage for those who work for long hours in office. Itoki Corp of Japan and Koyon Gohan K.K will jointly build the Nap bed. Itoki said that this nap bed would not be detrimental for the office environment if someone sleeps. The price of the boxes is not set yet.

The employees after long work usually lock themselves in bathroom to take rest. This nap bed can help them to take a nap outside. And short naps will also keep their health good. The plumage-like design is designed to keep the human head, knees and back body in a good shape. In Japan, employees work longer hours than necessary. This type of nap box is designed to accommodate tired employees because they have less time to sleep.

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