Hexacopters Used by Pakistani Smugglers to Transport Drugs Into India

Chandigarh: The Pakistan-based smugglers have started using hexacopters for cross-border smuggling of drugs into Punjab.

Pakistan-based smugglers are suspected to have opted for hexacopters as a number of large drones used for drugs and arms smuggling were shot down by the alert Border Security Force (BSF) troops along the International Border (IB) in 2023.

On January 13, the Punjab police seized a hexacopter in Makhanpur Pandori village falling under the Lopoke police station. On January 30, the Punjab police recovered a hexacopter with 5 kg load of heroin.

It is believed that large drones were assembled in Pakistan which was a costly affair for Pakistan-based smugglers. It forced them to change their tactics and use smaller drones for drug trafficking by using their GPS system and high-definition cameras capable of live recording and taking pictures.

Because of the use of anti-drone technology by BSF, the number of seizures of drones and drugs had increased in the border region. The village defence committees formed in the border villages are also helping the Punjab Police to seize drones and catch drug peddlers.


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